Have you ever been lucky enough to ride a snowmobile? It’s a good idea if you want to get into the forest in a different way, while experiencing a unique sensation of speed – the perfect activity for the more adventurous!

Snowmobiling is a popular tourist attraction during the winter season in the small town of Whistler. Depending on the location, conditions for snowmobiling vary depending on factors such as snow and terrain, requiring a specific type of snowmobile.

How does a snowmobile work?

The snowmobile is a vehicle with a tracked drive wheel that has skis on each side, and its use is optimized for riding on snow, ice, and even water if it meets specific requirements.

Guidelines for choosing the right snowmobile

There are several models of snowmobiles, depending on the type of terrain on which the activity takes place. Trail-type snowmobiles are used for driving on terrain or tracks adapted for their use, and are the heaviest of the different types. Snowmobiles for riding in deep powder differ from the previous ones in that they are lighter so that they do not sink, and also have more power. Finally, we find the hybrid bikes, which are a mix between trail bikes and deep powder bikes, being able to be handled in many terrains and tracks of different characteristics, due to their adaptability.

Suspension is a key point when choosing the right snowmobile, since this aspect has to be adapted to the way of riding and the rider’s own weight. Another feature to take into account is that these motorcycles do not have gears, the brake is the same as that of a conventional motorcycle, and is located to the left of the handlebars. The throttle, therefore, is on the right side. The handling skills that snowmobiles must have are correct steering that is light so that they are not difficult to maneuver.

Normally, snowmobiles have a two-stroke engine although four-stroke engines are also found.

What is a Snowmobile?

Also called snowmobile, snow machine or skimobile, this snowmobile allows you to discover the mountain in a different way, its different routes and trails, tracks of the animals that inhabit it… both day and night. This activity will make you feel that you are part of nature.

Requirements to practice Snow Mobile

Although driving a snowmobile may seem simple, there are some minimum requirements for legal driving. First, you must be at least 21 years old and have a valid driver’s license.

Touring Whistler by snowmobile

The unbeatable natural environment makes snowmobiling in Whistler a perfect activity to do with your family, couple or group of friends. You will be able to choose different routes that cross Whistler Mountain or Blackcomb Mountain, as well as unknown roads and trails that are the habitat of hundreds of small wild animals.

Hire snowmobiles in Whistler

Guided snowmobile tours with Whistler Ski Experience are conducted by professional experts who have a thorough knowledge of the best spots and places in the Whistler forest.

For a sport or physical activity to be done in a safe and effective way, it is important to have a professional in the discipline to be performed. Our professionals will teach you the necessary technique to make your route as fun and safe as possible.

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