Why Fairmont Waterfront hotel?

The Fairmont Hotel stands out, among other reasons, for its prime location, next to some of the most important places in Vancouver, like the Convention Center and the Waterfront Sky train station. Just a 5-minute walk from the historic Gastown neighborhood, where you’ll find a limitless number of cafés, restaurants, pubs, stores of all sorts, and important sights to see. You’ll find it impossible to get bored of the area surrounding the hotel, but don’t miss out on all the offerings in the hotel itself; they are not to be missed.

Enjoy some incredible views from the outdoor heated pool, sit back and relax and enjoy a cocktail as you look on the port and the tranquility of the mountainscape.

The Fairmont Waterfront is a luxury hotel, well-regarded in Vancouver not only for its location but also for the comfort of its facilities and the excellent service. It offers exquisite and charming rooms with expansive windows presenting you some unmissable views of the city, the port, and the mountains.

If you like to stay fit and in shape, you’ll enjoy the modern indoor gym. And if the outdoors is your thing, renting a few bikes and touring the world renowned Stanley Park, just a few minutes away, is a brilliant option. And you can cap the day off with a steam bath to relax your body after the day’s exercise.

A great quirk of the hotel, not to be missed, is the rooftop garden from which the chef handpicks herbs and plants which he later implements in his artisanal dishes, always made with fresh and local produce.

It’s the perfect hotel for an at once intense and luxurious experience of the city.

Where is Fairmont Waterfront hotel located?

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