Why Fairmont Vancouver Airport?

Forget your pre-formed conceptions of your typical airport hotels, because The Fairmount Vancouver Airport is a totally different proposition. Located inside of the airport itself, such that you can take an elevator from the terminal itself and find yourself in this luxurious hotel. It doesn’t get any more convenient or comfortable.

You’ll find rooms with views of the mountains and the landing strip, a spa, an enclosed swimming pool, a gym, and much more to ensure that your stay is an experience that can’t be beaten.

A four-star hotel, thanks to, among many things, the wide range of services offered and the comfort of the facilities. Ideal for businesses, it also offers a range of plans for the zones outside the hotel so get the most out of your stay in Vancouver:just a ten-minute drive away you’ll find a spectacular ice skating rink, and just 14km away you have the Mayfair Lakes Golf and Country Club.

Included in the top 100 in NastTraveler’s Gold List ranking, it’s the only hotel in the world inside an airport included on the list.

Enjoy the culinary offerings of The Glove, the hotel’s main restaurant, enjoy the hallmark snack that are the homemade scones from Afternoon Tea, or a great cocktail in the elegant Jetside Bar.

You won’t have a second to lose at this hotel!

Where is Fairmont Vancouver Airport located?

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