Wish to become a bird for a day? Now it’s possible! Enjoy the zip line and feel a real sense of freedom, while you travel the route suspended in the air, enjoying the air in your face and unbeatable views. Don’t wait any longer and get ready to experience an unforgettable experience at great heights! … Leer más



One of the most demanded risk sports in recent years in the Whistler area, is the Bungee Jump. If you want to experience the ultimate adrenaline rush, this is the sport for you! Without a doubt, Bungee Jump is only for the most daring, would you dare to jump into the void from a great … Leer más



If you want to go through the forest in a different way, you should try snowshoeing! All you need is snowshoes, boots and the desire to enjoy. You can enjoy a unique experience while doing a different sport. Snowshoeing has a long history behind it. In ancient times, the inhabitants of the snowy mountains used … Leer más



Have you ever been lucky enough to ride a snowmobile? It’s a good idea if you want to get into the forest in a different way, while experiencing a unique sensation of speed – the perfect activity for the more adventurous! Snowmobiling is a popular tourist attraction during the winter season in the small town … Leer más



There is nothing more representative than thinking of a snowy landscape and visualizing a sled being pulled by dogs. In Whistler, you can enjoy a movie-like activity and feel like in a dream. Do you dare to take a sled ride? Dog sledding emerged in the 20th century in the territories of Alaska and Canada … Leer más



 For every skier out there, climbing to the highest point of the mountain is a dream. Now it is possible, thanks to Cat Ski, snowplows take skiers up to the most inhospitable peaks and from there they can enjoy dreamy off-piste descents, an experience of the highest order! The practice of Cat Ski originated in … Leer más



The dream of any skier is to be able to access the most hidden places and the highest peaks and from there enjoy the snow and the adrenaline of off-piste skiing. That’s why Heli Skiing is one of those things that you have to do once in your life. Can you imagine going up in … Leer más