Dining in Whistler

Visiting Whistler is ideal for those who want to enjoy Canadian gastronomy, here we will tell you about some of the most famous dishes in Whistler and Blackcomb and of course we will recommend you some restaurants that you can visit during your stay in the most famous mountains of British Columbia.

Characteristics of Canadian cuisine

There is great diversity in the Canadian gastronomy, this arises as a consequence of the different influences and multiculturalism that currently exists in the Canadian territory. Among the most peculiar gastronomic influences in Canada, we can highlight the British influence and the influence of French cuisine, especially in those French-speaking areas of the country.

It is also worth mentioning the special use of native products in Canadian gastronomy, thanks to the extension of the territory and the different regions existing in it, which have numerous crops and raw materials that are used in Canadian cuisine.

Typical products used in Canada gastronomy

There are a wide variety of products used in Canadian cuisine, but in this case, we refer to all those that are used in the kitchen and that also have its origin in Canada itself.

Amongst typical Canadian products, the most highlighted are:

  • Maple syrup: this Canadian product is one of the sweetest products used in the kitchen, which is obtained from the sap of the sugar maple, red or black, which is abundant in the Canadian territory.
  • Another product of great importance in this gastronomy is the Salmon with origin in Canada, since this exquisite fish is obtained through wild fishing, becoming one of the favorite products in the dishes of Canadians.
  • Last, the we find cranberries, one of the most cultivated wild fruits in Canadian regions.

Typical Canadian food

Like we mentioned before, Canada has many influences upon culinary and gastronomy options, reason why many of its dishes are options of different food with different flavors and origins. The following are some of the typical dishes in Canadian territory.

Whistler’s Fiddleheads are fern sprouts that are most often presented in a rolled form. These fiddleheads are often served as an accompaniment to other great dishes.

Canadian Poutine: This food originates from one of the regions of Canada, more specifically from the region of Quebec. The dish consists of a combination of fried potatoes and lightly cured cheese, which are covered with an exquisite meat sauce.

Peameal Canadian bacon: this dish is known as Canadian bacon, which is prepared with a pork loin which is pickled and covered in cornmeal.

To conclude, we should bear into account that North America is known for its variety of sandwiches prepared in the kitchens. This is why Canada also has one of the most famous sandwiches of all times, this is the Smoked meat Sandwich, an exquisite sandwich which is made of seasoned, spiced and then smoked meat, until the meat is completely tender.

The most famous dish in the city of Whistler

One of the favorite destinations in Canada are the famous Whistler Mountains, but not only for its snow or nature, but also for the gastronomy of British Columbia, so we will leave you some of the most famous dishes of Whistler, which you must try. Among the most characteristic dishes of Whistler’s cuisine are the following:

  • Whistler Herring, this fish is one of the most demanded appetizers in Whistler. The famous herring is cooked and is usually served with different ingredients such as bread, sour cream or onions.
  • Whistler Meatloaf also known as Tourtiere, this is Whistler’s favorite meatloaf, it is a typical Christmas dish, but Whistler restaurants serve it all year round, as it is one of the most demanded dishes in Whistler. Tourtiere is made with pork or beef, depending on preference and taste.
  • Whistler’s Artic char fish is one of the most famous and sophisticated fish usually served in the region, this incredible dish is usually served baked or grilled, along with various vegetables. Artic char is fabulous in all its forms!

Some of the best restaurants in Whistler and Blackcomb

If you don’t know which restaurant to choose when visiting the Whistler Skiing stations, don’t you worry, cause here we will provide you with the best restaurants the cities of Whistler and Blackcomb have to offer, since you will not regret it when you try them.

The first restaurant we recommend is the Rim Rock Whistler, this restaurant specializes in different types of high quality seafood. You can find numerous types of seafood and a great wine list to taste.

Secondly, Pasta Lupino Whistler Restaurant is the ideal restaurant for lovers of high quality Italian food. Among its famous dishes we find the bread soup and tiramisu, being the favorite dishes for customers.

Thirdly, we recommend you to try the Red Door Restaurant, this restaurant is based on French influences in its dishes and also has vegetarian options on its menu.

Finally, don’t miss The Wildflower Restaurant Whistler, which is located in the luxury hotel Fairmont Chateau Whistler. These kitchens are run by chef Isabel Chung, who has a great culinary trajectory.


Enjoying the mountains of British Columbia, not only involves practicing any kind of sport, but also discovering the secrets of Canadian gastronomy, in particular the most famous and richest food of the Whistler and Blackcomb mountains.

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