Bungee Jump

One of the most demanded risk sports in recent years in the Whistler area, is the Bungee Jump. If you want to experience the ultimate adrenaline rush, this is the sport for you! Without a doubt, Bungee Jump is only for the most daring, would you dare to jump into the void from a great height and feel a unique sensation?

In this post, you will discover this incredible water sport, the materials used and of course the safety measures taken to perform Bungee Jump safely.

What is Bungee Jump?

Bungee Jump or also known as bungee jumping, although it has some small differences, it is a risk sport, in which the person jumps into the void hooked to a rubber band, which is hooked to the ankle. The main function of the rubber band in the Bungee Jump is to provide maximum safety to the individual who jumps into the void.

There are different places where Bungee Jump can be performed, the normal is to perform it on bridges, but it can also be performed in a variety of places such as towers or cranes located in wonderful places.

Necessary material to perform Bungee Jumping

There is a small difference between Bungee Jump and bungee jumping, because in bungee jumping harnesses and climbing ropes are usually used, and in Bungee Jump, the materials used are elastic bands, which allow jumping from other places different from a bridge, which does not happen in bungee jumping.

There are different types of elastic bands in Bungee Jump, this classification is made according to the weight of the person who wants to perform the activity:

  • The Bungee Jump pink rubber: for those people who have a weight between 40kg and 50kg.
  • The yellow Bunguee Jump rubber: for those who have a weight between 51kg and 60kg.
  • The green Bunguee Jump rubber: for those who weigh between 61kg and 80kg.
  • The red rubber used in the Bunguee Jump, is perfect for those who exceed 80kg, up to 90kg.
  • The blue rubber band is recommended for those who weigh more than 90 kg but do not exceed 105 kg.
  • And finally, the black Bungee Jump rubber band is ideal for people weighing up to 125 kg.

The requirements of the materials used in the Bungee Jump is that each jump will have a different height, so each rubber band must be adapted to the height of the jump, to the characteristics of the jump itself and of course to the singularities of each jumper.

Things to take into account before practicing Bungee Jumping

Before practicing Bungee Jump you must take into account that it is a sport that can be dangerous for those people who suffer from previous health diseases such as hypertension or spine or ankle injuries, since it is the place where the restraints are made.

There is a minimum age to be able to perform the Bungee Jump, since a minimum age of 12 years old is needed to perform this activity.

Finally, another aspect of great importance in the Bungee Jump is the weight, as we have mentioned before, according to the weight of the person, a different elastic band will be needed to adapt to his characteristics.

Safety and precautions to practice Bungee Jumping

Regarding safety, the material used in Bungee Jump must comply with some homologation requirements, some of these requirements are that the rubber bands cannot be older than two years or exceed 500 jumps.

On the other hand, the safety protocols of the Bungee Jump consist of a daily revision of the material, communication between the workers and with the jumper so that he/she knows the procedure and does not have doubts or any type of fear that could make him/her not enjoy the experience.

Doing Bungee Jump in Whistler

There are different companies that offer you this kind of Bungee Jump experiences in the city of Whistler. This arises as a consequence of the existence of several Bungee Jump experts.

Bungee Jump is one of the most extreme activities on the Cheakamus River in Whistler, which will provide you with a great amount of adrenaline and thrills on the jump.

As we´ve previously mentioned, it is very important to get in contact with experts who have safety in the materials used for the Bungee Jump. The quality of the materials and safety protocols are always synonymous of tranquility for the jumpers, so they can enjoy this risky sport.

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