Are you a thrill seeker?

If so, the BungeeJump will be right up your alley! Bungee jumping is an extreme sport in which you jump into the open air from a considerable height, tied to a band that softens the fall. The band can extend up to 400% its initial length and allows for a number of exciting “rebounds” after you reach the maximum depth of the fall, giving you quite the kick of adrenaline. You can jump from different launch points like bridges, cranes, or any other structure that has the necessary security requisites.

Bungee Jumping sets itself apart from other free fall sports because it offers you an incredible mix of sensations! The initial speed, the deceleration, the feeling of weightlessness, and the disorientation that comes from the rebounds.

And if you want to raise the stakes further…try jumping backwards, if you dare!

Bungee & Skydiving in Whistler
Bungee & Skydiving in Whistler

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